Club Projects
The Rotary Club of Kelowna Capri goal is to raise money to support local and global initiatives
We sell each bottle for $20 which comes with lights and an AA battery. 
Light strings can be purchased separately for $10.
To order, volunteer or donate supplies please contact by email to:

Thanks to all members that donated materials, time and money.
We need small used seasonal decorations and wine bags to put the package together. Volunteers are always needed to help put the package together.
We are collecting unique wine bottles.  If you have any or have friends that drink wine, please save the bottles for us.  We have testers to make sure the lights fit in the bottle.  We can come and pick them up.
Our club support local initiatives and one of the initiatives we financially support is the Kelowna Community Food Bank.
The Kelowna Community Food bank received a cheque on behalf of our club.

During the evening, guests from the Cottonwoods Care Center are brought to the Coast Capri Hotel where they are greeted and hosted by members of the Rotary Club of Kelowna Capri.

After the meal, entertainers sing Christmas Carols prior to Santa's arrival.

Santa circulates from table to table presenting each guest.

The Kelowna Women's Shelter envisions a community in which everyone treats each other with dignity, respect, acceptance and compassion. Working toward that vision, they assist women and children during and after abuse crisis, through transitional housing, support services and prevention education.
At our meeting Karen Manson, Kelowna Women's Shelter Executive Director received a cheque to support their vision.